Updates from the Lab

4.25.2016 | Press Release Independent Rat Study Finds 54% Oral Insulin Relative Bioavailability Using Tamarisk’s MxBA™ Platform Technology

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1.12.2016 | Maximum Bioavailability Starts with Maximum Targeted Delivery to Enterocytes

MxBA Particles on Enterocytes

Tamarisk Technologies Group | MxBA Oral Drug Delivery Particles target enterocytes


MxBA™ Platform

As shown to the left, oral MxBA™ particles target and adhere to all available surface areas on exposed enterocytes. This interaction minimizes exposed drug transfer distances from the delivery particle’s programmed drug elution core to the targeted absorptive enterocytes, thus facilitating maximum drug payload transfer.


Competitor's particle

Competitor oral drug delivery particles near enterocyte


Particles lacking MxBA targeting rely on stoichiometric interactions with enterocytes, greatly reducing the number of adhered particles and increased exposed drug transfer distances. The net effect is a poorly performing oral drug delivery platform.



*Photos above were taken during a microscopic drug delivery platform comparison study conducted on 12/1/15 by an outside third party.

Tamarisk is now focusing it’s research entirely upon oral delivery of proteins (including oral insulin), peptides, cyclic peptides, and monoclonal antibodies.