Oral Insulin Tamarisk’s Oral Drug Delivery System

Our objective is not to merely enhance oral drug delivery but to tackle the delivery of some of the most difficult APIs (including oral insulin) using our patented system. We are excited about sharing updates with our potential partners in the near future.


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2015 Presentation | Text Only

Tamarisk’s Value Statement to the Pharmaceutical Industry

Cost effectively maximizing the oral bioavailability of existing and emerging drug technologies through advanced drug delivery design.

MxBA Oral Drug Delivery System

Our drug carrier platform utilizes an alginate particle substrate engineered to provide targeted GI delivery.  Additional on-board attributes can be added to provide subtle manipulation of targeted local environmental parameters to specifically preserve payload drug activity and energize absorption pathways for increased bioavailability.

Enhanced Oral Drug Delivery

  • Oral ingestion is generally viewed by most clinicians as the ideal delivery method and lowers the barriers for patient compliance.
  • Tamarisk Technologies Group has developed a patent pending oral delivery system that microencapsulates therapeutic agents within a protective substrate that can also contain customizable absorption enhancement agents, such as hydrophobic/hydrophilic stabilizers, receptor ligands, permeation enhancers, excipients, or particle enhancements, such as to optimize particle size and/or solid dispersion.

Benefits | MxBA Oral Drug Delivery SystemResistant to gastric disintegration

  • Targeted release of the therapeutic payload within the GI tract
  • Capitalizes on multiple features of the local GI environment for assisted entry into the bloodstream
  • Provides increased bioavailability of therapeutic payload
  • Reduced GI induced drug degradation
  • Concentrates actives at desired point of absorption
  • Balances the physiochemical properties of the delivery platform to support optimal transport across the epithelia

Tamarisk’s Oral Drug Delivery Technology | enabling Oral Insulin

  • Small Molecules
  • Peptides
  • Proteins
  • Other Functional Molecules
  •   Cyclic Peptides
  •   Monoclonal antibodies

Resveratrol Pre-Clinical Results | MxBA Oral Drug Delivery System

  • Study conducted by Charles River (Wilmington, MA)
  • Sprague Dawley Rats
  • Oral administration
  • Single dose study
Mean unencapsulated Resveratrol

(20 mg/ml dose)

Tamarisk MxBA encapsulated Resveratrol (20 mg/ml dose) Change
AUC0-t ng*h/mL 82.8 312 3.8X increase
Cmax ng*h/mL 82.4 498 6.0X increase
tmax h 1.5 0.5 1 hr faster

Partnering Opportunity

Tamarisk’s unique oral drug delivery system technology is ready to be entrusted to an effective global leader in the Healthcare industry whose expertise and core values may be combined with our MxBA technology to provide the next generation of leading edge therapeutic products.

If your company is looking for the most effective oral drug delivery system for it’s existing pharmaceutical therapies or those in it’s pipeline, it’s time to consider a new solution. It’s time to consider Tamarisk. There’s no better time than now for a technology with so much potential to make the world a better place both for us now and for generations to come.

Next Steps | MxBA Oral Drug Delivery System

Tamarisk’s MxBA Oral Drug Delivery System opens new avenues of development for new drug technologies in the 21st century.  Let Tamarisk custom design a delivery experience for you that is second to none.

  • Proof of concept test samples can be readily manufactured
  • No additional complex synthesis
  • High encapsulation efficiency
  • Biologic or small molecule capable
  • Hydrophobic or hydrophilic APIs
  • Lab-scale operation ready to go
  • Analytical testing and method development services available