7-31-17 |  Several of the world’s leading diabetes companies have said the results we have achieved with our proprietary oral insulin formulation in animals are “unprecedented”  –  and we are just getting started.  For a limited time only, we are extending this private invitation to qualified investors to help us carry our MxBA™ oral drug delivery technology to market.  We are about to change the future of healthcare forever and we want you to join us in this rewarding opportunity.  VC and Angel investor opportunities available.

To find out how you can apply to join Tamarisk’s private family of shareholders, please contact Mr. Dean Crowell at   |  702.516.6451

Note: Whether establishing contact via email or phone, please include your Name, telephone number, preferred email address for contact, and initial questions or nature of interest.


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  • Seeking  $5 million capital/debt financing or other non-dilutive Funding
  • Technology  Patented novel platform oral drug delivery technology (MxBA™) for new and current drugs with poor oral absorption
  • Current Status
    1. Have demonstrated efficacy in small rodent studies multiple times
    2. Significant interest from multiple pharmaceutical companies
    3. In discussions with a large pharmaceutical company to apply our technology for two diabetic drugs.  Tamarisk recently signed an agreement to begin a Feasibility study in September 2017. (More info available upon signing CDA)
  • Strategy  License core technology to pharmaceutical drug innovators
  • Seeking   Investment partners to assist in accelerating our business strategy
  • Funding  to date: Self Funded to $6 million | seeking $5 million in debt financing
  • Team Focus   Lean core team focused on proof of concept studies and advancing licensee discussions

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